In recent years, fat freezing as a method of fat loss has become popular. One big reason is that the procedure is a non-surgical body contouring treatment, making it the preferred treatment for excess fat. Remarkably, fat freezing is ideal because it has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Also, there is no interruption of a person’s day-to-day routine (no downtime compared to liposuction or invasive and painful surgery).

The process of fat freezing involves cryolipolysis. The areas in which fat needs to be removed are where the Cooltech fat freezing modern technology is applied. There might be specific areas such as the thighs, neck, and stomach where doing exercise or dieting did not work. Fat freezing operates to compact these areas and give the best body shape.

There are still many misconceptions about this innovative technology, even though numbers have shown that more and more people are embracing CoolTech for fat loss. Keep reading as we straighten out some common fat freezing myths!

Myth No. 1: Fat Freezing Is Harmful to Your Body
CoolTech technology was devised to ensure human safety from the word “go.” This is because fat freezing only targets the fat cell areas without compromising the adjacent skin and muscles. The cryolipolysis procedure has no impact on nerves or other body tissues because it uses a temperature regulation feature.

Fat freezing is a safe alternative to conventional fat removal treatments that break the skin barrier. Since the process is carried out externally, nothing on the inside is touched or exposed. This means no complications, infection, or scarring. The treatment actually encourages your body’s system to naturally destroy the stubborn fat cells, holistically within the body.

Myth No. 2: Fat Freezing is Painful
Whilst there are many fat freezing myths, the assumption that many people think the process is painful really is misleading! The whole process does not involve cutting into the body (non-surgical), which means there is no pain from incisions or needles.

CoolTech technology ensures that you get rid of excess fat with no pain. Our trained professional places the device on the areas that you desire. The lymphatic system on its own,then metabolises the fat cells. This means that there is no physical pain, just a bit of discomfort in the form of tingling or tenderness, which vanishes after a short time.

Myth No. 3:  Fat Freezing Is Only for the Stomach
You might have read that fat freezing is for getting rid of stomach fat only. But CoolTech, an innovative fat-freezing technology, applies technology to more body areas due to its applicator size. The technology freezes the cells to a very low temperature to destroy the fat adipose cells.

At Cooltech Canberra, our target areas include the abdomen, back, bra line, thighs, knees, hips, legs, arms, pectorals, and chin. Targeting specific areas transforms your body the way you want. Cooltech is perfect for men too!

Myth No. 4: Fat Freezing Requires Significant Downtime
It may sound like magic, but it’s actually true! A good example is that you can choose to undergo fat freezing during your lunch break and be fine to get back to work. The treatments usually last between 35 minutes to 70 minutes depending on the areas treated, but regardless, it means that you can be in and out the door within an hour.

There are no injections, no induction to sleep, or surgical procedures. Just a guarantee that you’ll have the ability to get back to your life after each treatment is completed.

Myth No. 5: Fat Freezing Is Expensive
Everyone interested in fat loss is concerned that the advanced CoolTech technology method could break their bank accounts. But the procedure at our facilities delivers high-quality treatment at affordable prices. Plus, we’re always running specials so keep an eye out on both our website and FB page!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our debunking of some common fat freezing myths and that it has helped you make the decision about whether it’s right for you. At Canberra Weight Loss Centre, we work with our patients to ensure we meet their expectations about the body they have been dreaming of. On top of that our services include advising you holistically on how our fat freezing and healthy diet works to keep fat cells at bay.

We have invested in high-quality CoolTech Fat Freezing to ensure that each procedure counts towards the goal of fat loss. Contact Canberra Fat Freezing today to book a treatment for your beautiful body or call us on 02 6239 7347.