Spa Cocoon

We invite you on an inspiring journey that will illuminate your spirit and excite your senses. Our Massage and Spa unites ancient healing traditions to enhance the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul.
Belconnen Massage is the place where your health and well being come first, with qualified therapists using the latest in spa technologies and massage techniques.
Escape the pressures of your day and experience the ultimate Massage and Spa treatment at the Belconnen Massage Clinic.

Body Treatment 

Escape into a sanctuary of wellness with a tantalising body therapy treatment. Using our world-class spa equipment, we can deliver the ultimate indulgence to harmonise the body and soul. Experience sheer luxury at Belconnen Massage Clinic, (Appropriate spa attire will be provided for the treatments).

• Full Body Exfoliation & Body Polish (full-body cleanse and exfoliation)
• Steam Infusion & Light Vichy Water Massage
Balm Application

Body Cocoon 

Our Body Cocoon treatment is a unique experience using luxurious products applied from head to toe. The treatment begins with a full-body cleanse with a luxurious lemongrass salt glow or crushed lime sugar sea salt crystals that are gently massaged into the body to exfoliate and enrich the skin,  The capsule is then closed, leaving the collarbone upwards exposed, to steam and infuse your body, as well as acting as a mini detox to the skin.Our therapist will activate the vichy jets to lightly rid the body of any excess toxins and treat you to the sensation of a water massage A light calming rain of water is then streamed over the body from the hydrotherapy vichy jets, cleansing away the treatment materials whilst relaxing and rejuvenating the body, whilst immersed in our exclusive Body Cocoon. We complete the treatment with a moisturising mineral balm application. Your tantalising body treatment will conclude in our tranquil treatment.

What you will receive:

  Full Body Exfoliation & Body Polish (Full-Body Cleanse and Exfoliation)
  Steam Infusion & Light Vichy Water Massage
  Balm Application
  Stress Reliever