We specialise in Fat Freezing or Fat Cavitation weight elimination. These are the latest and most cost effective non invasive ways to treat unwanted areas of fat and reduce those areas of stubborn hard to shift fat. There are four main functions of our treatment, Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing), 3D Negative Pressure RF Liposuction, Multi-Polar Radio Frequency Lipolysis, 40K Strong Sound Wave Fat burning. These treatments will dissolve fat through the Lymphatic system which the body can eliminate safely. All the treatments will assist in skin Firming and will greatly Enhance Skin Elasticity.

We also  invite you on an inspiring journey that will illuminate your spirit and excite your senses. Our Massage and Spa unites ancient healing traditions to enhance the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul. Escape into a sanctuary of wellness with a tantalizing body therapy treatment. Using our world-class spa equipment, we can deliver the ultimate indulgence to harmonize the body and soul. Experience sheer luxury at the Canberra Weight Loss Health Centre

The Canberra Weight Loss Health Centre promises to treat you as our valued client and always provide you with the highest quality in fat freezing reduction techniques, fat cavitation treatments, massage therapy, and our Spa Cocoon for ultimate de-stressing.

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